Suddenly Sisters: The Podcast

Suddenly Sisters follows step-sisters, Chon and Erika, as they discuss all things adulting. From blending families, being married, dealing with the daily grind, and going to therapy, they cover a variety of topics. Tune in monthly to learn more about how their sisterhood helps them traverse life’s challenges and successes.

Episode List

Introducing Suddenly Sisters

Ep 1: Suddenly Book Nerds – Homegoing

Ep 2: Suddenly on a Family Vacation

Ep 3: Suddenly Sick

Ep 4: Suddenly Searching… For Real Love (Part 1)

Ep 5: Suddenly It’s Over… Bye 2021

Ep 6: Suddenly Sampled

Ep 7: Suddenly Searching… For Real Love (Part 2)

Ep 8: Suddenly in Another Phase of Life

Ep 9: Suddenly You’re A Mom

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