A Conversation with a 3-Year-Old

A Conversation with a 3-Year-Old

Be Thankful For The Small Things

I found this in my Facebook Memories last week and I wanted to share it. Maybe someone else needs this reminder as well. Originally penned Feb 11, 2014

You might think this story is about The Diva but really it’s not.


The Diva goes to our church for daycare during the week so they taught them how to pray. She has been saying grace for at least a year, and she’s very good at it. They pray the same thing every day and they don’t deviate from it. For example, during praise dance practice for the Christmas program, The Diva said grace for all of the dancers before they ate dinner one night, so you know that got a lot of attention.

I always knew that it’s a special thing for a child to pray. One day, my dad was telling me a story about how Miss Double Digits wanted to take “community”. (She was trying to say communion.) He told her that they need to pray before they take communion, and he asked her if she would do it.  She said no but that The Diva would. Well, The Diva got a little long winded that day and prayed for a whole lot of things. My dad said he thought to himself where did this child come from, but that’s the thing about The Diva… she is that child.

Fast forward to today

So I’ve been in my feelings since yesterday because of my friend David Wesson’s funeral because I kept thinking to myself we were the same age, but he’s not here today and I am. There are so many things to be blessed and grateful for and honored to experience, and David no longer has that opportunity.

I was trying to reign in my composure, listening to my gospel Pandora station while we were getting ready to leave the house. I asked the girls to put on a coat and hat. Out of the blue The Diva said, “Jesus gave us these hats. Jesus gave us these boots. Jesus gave us these coats. Jesus gave us these backpacks.” I said, “Yes. Yes, he did,” and we walked out the door.

I got my keys and locked the door, and she was still saying, “Jesus gave us these plants. Jesus gave us this sidewalk. Jesus gave us this car. Jesus gave us this house.”  So by the time she got to “Jesus gave us this house” I had to catch myself because I felt myself getting a little emotional. All I said was, “Yes, He did.”

I told her He did give us those things, and that’s why we tell Jesus “thank you”.  The Diva said, “Thank you, Jesus and…Santa Claus.” LOL! And that’s when I knew that the moment had passed, and she’s still three. But I said all that to say, if The Diva at three years old can look around and acknowledge all that God has given her, we as adults have no excuse. So thank Him for the small things.

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