The Legacy We Leave Behind

The Legacy We Leave Behind

Last week, I officially achieved 100 days at my new job and, I’ve learned tons! I have learned so much not just about the business, banking, or regulations, but about myself, my professional growth, work ethic, and even my leadership style. I was prepared to write this post to offer my tips and insight on “leveling up” or using your professional platform, or something else in line with setting your career goals. And I thought this post would be even more significant considering how much courage it took to move into this career opportunity after being at my previous employer for 10 years. But the common message that keeps coming back to me is – What legacy do I want to leave behind?

My family has suffered two losses this week. My father’s first cousin, Steven Wayne Linscomb, passed away unexpectedly at age 56, and my husband’s grandmother, Dr. Edith Irby Jones, passed away after 91 years of life. Cousin Steve and Grandmommie had one major thing in common – a spirit and heart of service. In fact, it is the tie that binds all of my family members. They leave a legacy that’s greater than their last name. They left behind all of the accomplishments they completed, their impact on their communities, the city, the state, and even the nation. 

It’s an honor to be a part of a family where I am surrounded by trailblazers. I hope they know that their example will be followed, that they were seen, heard, and loved. That their children and grandchildren will speak their names with reverence and adoration as they strive to blaze their own trails. While the world has been inspired by their lives, my family has been blessed to receive the direct influence of their contributions. I know that by either blood or marriage, I have been exposed to people whose life’s work was to be of service to others because my family is filled with people that have servant hearts.

One thing I figured out about my family, on all sides, is that service to others is woven into the fabric of our lives. It’s such a huge part of how we are building our own legacies today. We have nurses, police officers, firefighters, and educators on all levels. Their legacies will be all the good that they did for someone else, either within our family, outside in their communities, state or local government. And I believe that we were all taught by their examples – to live our lives on purpose, in purpose with family pride, and in service to others.

Through protecting and serving these Houston streets or by providing medical expertise to those in greatest need, Cousin Steve and Grandmommie respectively lived fulfilling lives that helped make others lives better. As my family moves forward through this journey of processing a new reality without the physical presence of the ones we love, my prayer is that we pay attention the legacy we want to leave behind. That we recognize the experiences that are important to us, why they’re important, and how they all are connected. And while we don’t get to choose how or when we’re born or who were born to, we do get to choose how we can leave our mark on the world. 

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