Curb Your Perfectionism

Curb Your Perfectionism

Hi. My name is Erika. I am a reformed procrastinator turned informed perfectionist. Either way, it’s trouble‚Ķtrouble.

“Perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic

Being a perfectionist can be a positive quality, and it can be dangerous for a creative person like me. For me, perfectionism means that I can’t move forward with a project unless I absolutely love it! This feeling transcends throughout my professional life, home life, and continues to be my struggle every week for this blog.

While I have always gotten compliments on being a good writer, being funny or profound, you wouldn’t believe the struggle it takes to capture all those things on paper! And it isn’t because I don’t know what to say. It is simply that I am not 100 percent confident that I am ready for the whole world to read it. And If they read it, will they love it?. Heck, do I even love it?

What I have realized is this: done is better than perfect. I recognize that by waiting for perfect, I’m missing out on good, great, exceptional, and amazing. So write the book; make the film; build the house; start the business because it won’t be perfect, but it can be great!

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