Happy Birthday, My Simple MOMents!

It has been 1 year since my sister/editor threatened me with a “push the button or I will” text message. While I had the domain name and the ideas, I was never ready to move forward until I was… pushed. And it has been the best decision ever! The My Simple MOMents Blog has been more than even I expected. I thought I would just write about my thoughts, share my feelings and work through my own processes. But you all, my readers and followers, have breathed more life into this blog with your love, support, comments, and shares. With over 1,000 views and 748 visitors in its first year, let’s take a quick look at the Top 5 Posts since March 2018:

5. Parenting Sickle Cell Siblings

4. New Year Writing Challenge

3. Put That Down!

2. Mommying My Way *Guest Post

1.Confessions from a Reformed Hater

In honor of our first birthday, I am giving away a basket of My Favorite Things! No, this won’t be like Oprah’s luxury list, but you will get a few sweet treats and precious treasures that I enjoy. How do you win?

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Winner will be selected at random on Friday, March 29.

Thanks again for all your support. And happy reading!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, My Simple MOMents!

  1. Happy Birthday! I’m beyond proud of you. You have a heart of gold and spirit that makes me feel blessed to be your friend and in your presence. Looking forward to all you’re about to do.

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