I don’t believe in coincidences or things happening by chance.

Recently, things changed for me professionally. Some might call it a reorganization, realignment, or restructuring, but it felt more like a strategic chaos. I was tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated more than I would have admitted at the time. I was struggling with my place in it all. I talked incessantly with the Mr. about these changes, but I couldn’t make sense of things.

I used this blog as part of my outlet. Imposter, The Missing Piece, Stuck on A Runaway Train, and The Wait were all written during that time of my life. But I was still struggling to see how this was all going “to work for my good”. I prayed, cried, and ate Blue Bell ice cream, but always came back to the same plea to God, “Tell me what I am supposed to do.” And His response was clear, “Stay in your lane. I got this!”

But you need preparation to go with your prayer.

So I stayed in my lane. I focused on doing my ever-changing job well. I made sure that my husband and children didn’t feel neglected. I shifted my energy towards buying a bigger home for us to live in, one where my Mom wouldn’t have to climb the stairs every day. I minded my business, drank some water, and moisturized my skin. I did what I knew to do that would keep me in my proverbial lane.

Time went by. We gave thanks as a family. We opened gifts under the tree. We toasted to the new year, and then, packed up our house and moved. The transition was relatively easy, minus an issue with both Miss Double Digits and The Diva’s school buses. (Another blog, another day.) But I felt confident that I was making the right moves and decisions. And most of all, I was staying in my lane and minding my business just as He asked of me months before.

But there is a season of suddenly blessings.

I was scheduled for a meeting with my boss regarding some new changes to our department that would directly affect my position. I went into the meeting confident and with an open mind. It was revealed that while there were changes, I also had options. I knew instantly that this was the confirmation that I was asking for. Having options would lead me to what I was supposed to do next.

On the same day, later that afternoon, I received a phone call with a new career opportunity. It would be doing the work that I enjoy in an environment that cultivates relationships that I’d like to build, all while helping people who need it the most. (Insert happy tears and unspeakable gratitude.)

It is my belief that this immediate answer of a new job opportunity is a direct response to my obedience. I felt encouraged, amazed, in awe, and blessed. Because finally, all the dots are connected, and I can see the whole picture. I have heard of shifts and transitions happening so quickly that if you blinked, you would miss it. And I have even experienced something like this a few times before, but this time was different. I most certainly could not deny God’s hand in it. But the point is, if I didn’t listen to His request, would I in turn be able to receive the level of blessings He had for me. And just as a rainbow is formed after a rain, God’s blessings can manifest in our lives… suddenly.

4 thoughts on “Suddenly

  1. YES!!! I can totally relate to this post. I’m living in this moment right now. We serve an AWESOME God!

  2. These movements are your testimony and it will be heard.
    So much is happening to us all; it’s all how we choose to handle it.
    Congrats, keep pushing and praying AND being obedient (listening).

  3. I went through a suddenly season and know all of what you say to be true. Praise God. He rewards obedience. Love ya big sis.

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