Nineteen Things in 2019

Nineteen Things in 2019

I don’t believe in making “New Year’s resolutions”. There is a two-part reason why. First, why wait until New Year’s day to decide to make a change in your life? Any day that you wake up and decide you want to do better, have more, start over, or start a new, that would make it a “new year” for you. I love that we have 365 days every year to become better.

Secondly, statistically speaking, by February, 80% of New Year’s resolutions are forgotten about. So how serious were you about sticking to your resolution if you only made it because of a holiday? It seems to me that you are less committed and less motivated because you are following the crowd. If that’s the case, you will not be as successful as you would like to be.

Instead, I am committed to doing “Nineteen Things in 2019” that will challenge my comfort zone. Some of these things will be simple and easy to complete. (We all need some guaranteed wins in life.) Others will take more work, determination, and focus. Here’s what I have so far.

Incorporate a new color into my wardrobe.

There are colors that I stay away from but not because I don’t like them, just because I have grown comfortable with my “standards”.

Read one book a month.

Whether it is a self help, business, or fiction, my goal is to make time to enjoy something I’m passionate about – reading.

Post consistently to the blog.

I want to have a set day when the posts come out so that you so can know exactly when to check it out.

Learn a new skill that will benefit me professionally.

Not sure what this will be, but I don’t want to become stale while on my career path.

Start networking with other bloggers.

I’ve been in this blog world for almost a year (wow!), so it is time to step out and meet some other bloggers.

Say “No” to something that is a pain point (a stress factor).

Sometimes we chose to do something that is no longer serving us because of loyalty, but the reality is that if we just say “No”, we could improve our lives.

Say “Yes” to something to that could be a pleasure point (an excitement factor).

I’m not a risk taker, and I’m pretty conservative about a lot of things. This one will actually be a test for me, so I will have to be intentional about having more fun.

Make more memories with my family.

I already have something planned for March and June, and I have not done either of these things before. I am excited to share those moments with my family.

Whether you make resolutions, commitments, or just a long “To Do” list, I encourage you stretch yourself. Figure out one thing you can do that is new or different. Mix things up a bit, and be prepared to experience 2019 in a new way.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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