The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

My kids love jigsaw puzzles. They get excited about putting the pieces together to see the big picture. Each child has a different way of solving the puzzle but the end result is the same – a vibrant picture of their favorite Disney or Nickelodeon cartoon character.

But what happens when a piece is missing? Chaos ensues. They go through a series of questions like: Is it still in the box? Did it fall on the floor? Did a sibling take it? Is it mixed in with another puzzle by mistake? And if I can’t find it, what am I going to do next?

Life is just like a jigsaw puzzle. At every major life moment, we take all the pieces and lay them out. We do an assessment, put the pieces together, and see what the picture is. Sometimes the picture is made of bright colors and perfect scenery. Other times, the picture has muted colors or maybe even dark grey. But is that the true picture? The short answer is no.

Perspective is everything! I’m pretty sure that I bring it up in almost every week because it is just that important. It makes the difference between seeing the picture with muted colors versus vibrant, or seeing the glass half full or half empty. While we are judging our own picture through our own lens, someone else can look at it and see it with more clarity and details. But ultimately, the picture you see is rarely the whole picture.

I just discovered that I am missing a piece to my puzzle. I’m not sure when or where I lost it, but it definitely isn’t here. I’ve been asking myself one main question – what am I going to do? I decided to leave the pieces on the table, take a step back, and look at it with a different lens. There is still a picture there but the new question will be – do I like what I see?

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