7 Life Lessons in 7 Days

7 Life Lessons in 7 Days

My September life has been a world-wind of events, activities, and travel. And I am pretty sure that I learned a life lesson each day in the last week! What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t blog these thoughts for you?

Narrator – In her everyday life, offenses by her children are considered especially heinous. In Texas, the dedicated Mommies who investigate these extreme moments of foolishness are members of an elite squad known as the Mom Squad. These are one of her stories.

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Sunday: You won’t have to say, “I’m living my best life!” if you actually are.

Think about it. I believe most people are saying it because it’s catchy or cute. A few say it to brag or show off. But really, if you are living it, you won’t have to say a word! We will all see it in your actions; the way you carry yourself; the way you respond to certain situations. It will be in your everyday walk consistently. It’s something that we should aspire to.

Monday: Every day that it rains, the sky has the opportunity to produce a rainbow.

Just because things might be rough and you might feel like you’re drowning, a rainbow can still show up! As long as the sun (the Son) is in the sky, a rainbow can appear. And every day, WE have the same opportunity to produce greatness in our own lives. Be the rainbow.

Tuesday: There is no replacement for a true vacation.

Save the money. Make the time. You won’t regret it. There is something to be said for being able to “escape from it all” even for a little while. It doesn’t take but a few days to truly appreciate the beauty of traveling, seeing other countries and cultures, trying new food, and enjoying God’s creation. Bright blue water that you can see your feet through… simply beautiful. It might take some sacrifice but you’ll be so glad that you did it.

Wednesday: Sometimes you are so busy talking that you can’t hear God’s response.

There is something that I have been praying and asking God for, but it wasn’t something that I was keeping close to my heart. I was telling everyone about what it was, why I needed it, how frustrated I was…and it only fed the situation. God heard my prayer, but I also believe He allowed me to “sit” with my own words. Literally, I think He took the approach of “Are you finished or nah?” because the more I talked, the less I felt Him move for that particular situation. So one day, I decided that I was tired of talking and that I would just move on because maybe He was trying to tell me that this thing I wanted actually wasn’t for me or wasn’t the right time, etc. Just as I was getting comfortable with the silence, He moved.

Which brings me to the next lesson…

Thursday: Real G’s move in silence.
Enough said. 🙂

Friday: Find a reason to celebrate every day.

People are dying like they have never died before! They are young, smart, talented, brilliant and amazing people of all ages. All of whom left this earth “too soon”. So don’t wait to celebrate life! Find the joy, humor, beauty, possibility in every minute of the day. Fill up another person’s cup. And there is nothing better than when you go to celebrate someone else, only to leave with your heart filled as well.

Saturday: Sometimes the thing that you think is dead is really just sleeping.

They say people are here for a reason, season, or a lifetime. But what if there was another option? In the last year, I have experienced the “other” option for myself. I thought a friendship was dead, only to find out that it really wasn’t. We just needed a mandatory timeout. We missed out on a lot of each other’s lives during our “break”. But from my perspective, we had to grow up without each other in order to really move forward as individuals. The friendship is different now, but better for the both of us. (One day I’ll do an entire post about this topic in particular.)

This isn’t all that I learned but definitely the things that spoke to me the loudest. I challenge all of us to pay attention to the messages and themes of each day. We should all be on a continuous journey of self-improvement. And let me know if you notice any common themes or lessons.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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