Put That Down!

Put That Down!

I’m making room for the future. Making space for my dreams and aspirations to come to fruition. I heard a very clear word from the Lord that I needed to put some things down. He said to me, “I need your hands to be empty in order to hold what I have next for you.” What you talkin bout, Lord? Imagine that you’ve been given this assignment, to put some thing(s) down in order to be prepared for the next level. Would you be excited? Would you be nervous? Would you even trust that you really heard the assignment correctly?

If I’m honest with myself, I have to admit that I am nervous about what’s next. While I know it will be good and for my benefit, there is something a little unsettling about putting things down. Before you can receive what’s next, you have to wait for Him to give it you. This requires you to  stand there, empty-handed, for an undisclosed amount of time, waiting for what is next. (We’ve discussed what to do during The Wait in a previous post.) Even though I am nervous, I didn’t question my assignment. I took a look at all that I am involved in and made a few decisions.

Here are three things I recently put down:

My seat on a non-profit board. I had been on the board for 4 years. It was a 3-year terms, but I just stayed. While I am sure they appreciated my attendance and consistency, I felt that my season has ended. I always want to join a non-profit board and I am happy to say I had the opportunity to be on two different boards. They both are making big strides in the lives of youth in Houston.

CLUTTER! I have been a cleaning, shredding fool. I was cleaning out my office and found items from 2011. Ummm, what do I need with that? There is no reason to hold on to extra paper and items that have no relevance to the work that I’m doing now. Clutter was happening at home too. Between stacks of old receipts and plastic grocery bags, I had a lot to get rid of.

My side hustle. I have had several side businesses in my adult years. Generally, they are a means to an end. I enjoy them every time, but I am comfortable with stopping them when I know that they are no longer serving their original purpose. I started my Thirty-One business in January 2017 as a way to supplement my income while buying cute bags and organizational products. My goal was to try it out for one year and then reassess. I met my goal, but I also recognized how much energy was needed in order to get the return I wanted. I decided to take a break from it for the summer and reassess again in the fall, but not before I catch this outlet sale!

Part of putting things down means that you have to put down the mentality that goes with the stuff. If you are doing things out of obligation, loyalty, or tradition, and it isn’t really about you and what serves you best, then you are holding on to it for the wrong reasons. It can be hard to do but that’s really up to you. There is something so freeing about lightning your load and reclaiming your time. And more importantly, it is so great to have that space in your mind back too! You can stop worrying, obsessing, or being fearful. You can LET IT GO. So what do you need to put down?

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  1. I really love this!!! There are so many times when I’m straining under the tremendous weight of all of my burdens and I’m reminded that God doesn’t want me lugging it all around. It is such a feeeing feeling to release what is not necessary.

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