The Wait

The Wait

*Full disclaimer – All of my posts will NOT be about my First Grader, however, she is the child that God is using to teach me lessons right now. I believe that He is very intentional by using her.*

I’m a planner and an organizer. A color-coder, Brother P-Touch-labeler, file-folder-loving-planner person. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. Everything and everyone has a schedule, including big purchases like school clothes. And herein lies the problem that the first grader has with me today.

The fifth grader, Miss Double Digits, is preparing for a 5K run and as you can imagine she would like to have some new running shoes for this event. I looked at the condition of her shoes, agreed, and decided to take her to the shoe store. The first grader tags along knowing that this “shopping trip” is not for or about her, that she was only coming for “support”, or so I thought.

I’ll skip through the shenanigans that ensued, because you KNOW there were some, but it eventually lead to both girls trying on shoes at the shoe store. Must to my displeasure, the first grader was “shopping” while I thought she was “looking”.  Because again this shopping trip was NOT for her. She announces that she has narrowed down her selections to two pairs of shoes:  one too big and one too small. I explain to her that she won’t be getting either pair because (a) this trip wasn’t for her and (b) neither pair fit properly. She starts to cry, and ultimately, my answer is for her to wait.

While her tears were still falling fresh on the floor, I got a message from a friend wanting to schedule a playdate for our girls… and that’s when I got this Word.

Even while you are crying because I told you WAIT for the thing you think you want, I am still working in the background to give you your true heart’s desire! I am still showing you love while you are mad at me for what you perceive to be an unfair action.

Stop being mad at God for giving you a response that doesn’t agree with what you want. He isn’t asking your opinion. He doesn’t need it. Our job is to be open and willing to hear what He is saying, and then, DO IT. Be patient. I understand  actually following through on the “Wait” is so difficult, so I’ve come up with a couple of things you can do while you wait it out.

Use this time to prepare. Maybe this wait time is because if the answer was really yes, you wouldn’t be able to handle it because you aren’t prepared. Study. Do your research. Update your business plan. Find a mentor. Prepare yourself.

Use this time to process. Breathe in the wait. Take the moment to process your feelings about the “thing” you’re waiting for. Weigh the positives and negatives.

Use this time to pray. The wait is really a gift. It is the time you need to build up your faith. We don’t use it for that purpose because we spend more time mad that God told us “wait” which most of us perceive as a “no” anyway. Ask God what are You teaching me, or what more do I need to learn first? And then wait for His answer. (See what I did there? LOL.)

I’m certain the first grader didn’t try any of those techniques simply because she is a child, but she isn’t worrying my nerves right now either. And I’m going to praise God for THAT all by itself. However, I recognize that in order to teach her these things I have to first model this behavior. I have to be the example that I want to see in her. But I too am a work in progress so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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