It’s Not Magic. It’s Mindset.

It’s Not Magic. It’s Mindset.

There has been a running theme that has come up three times since Saturday – your mindset is the key to all great things. And since it keeps coming up for me, that must mean that I need to share it with you. Not long ago the Hubs and I had a conversation about balance and sacrifice. We narrowed things down to making a choice between time or money. Either you have time or you have money and you will have to sacrifice one for the other until you have the right balance. At least that’s the way we have experienced it.

​Saturday, I had a lightbulb moment. A true Oprah style “ah-ha”. It isn’t that time or money are the biggest hurdles, it’s your mindset. Your own THOUGHTS, your own thinking, your perspective that is the thing that is prohibiting your success. It is YOU! It is not anything external that is holding you back… it’s the way you process the challenges and the details of the external factors of life. I get it though, it’s hard. Life is hard. Trouble comes. And sometimes we unprepared for it. Even if we anticipate the trouble, we still might not be prepared for the damage it could do.

​Once you realize and accept that your mindset is the key, what do you do to change it? What do you do to make that shift to get to the next level? Don’t wait until you are headed towards rock bottom before you decide that enough is enough. Here are some things that I have been doing that a truly helping to reshape my mindset.

​(1) Podcasts are bae! I am in love… I don’t know why I waited so long to get to this wonderful media option but my goodness! I have learned so much from so many wonderful people. I have listened to financial advice from gurus,  black girls sprinkling magic everywhere, happiness factors, stuff from Moms who are overwhelmed like me… I mean seriously! I listened to a podcast on the way to work and sometimes 2 on the way home. Not only do they make me feel like I am getting some knowledge but I have finally found something that makes me feel productive while sitting in traffic. Go figure.

(2) Essential oils. Now I am no expert but any means, but I do love a good peppermint or lavender or sage.  It’s amazing how much a smell can change your atmosphere. No need in going anywhere or spending money, just change the smell. Someone gave me a small roller bottle of a scent called “Peace of mind”… chile listen… that stuff works wonders. They should call it “Re-center yourself right now” instead.

​(3) Reading a good fiction book. Sometimes it is nice to drown myself into someone else’s story. And believe it or  not, I almost always learn something from the main character’s story that helps to shed light or clarity on my own. I generally pick books pretty randomly, and I believe a message can be found anywhere.

​There’s no magic to this. No secrets. Whenever you make up your mind to CHANGE your mindset, you’ll open a world of possibilities. So what are you going to change today?

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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