I started writing a post about my recent experience in moving – getting a new office and a new home. But I realized that the point of my post really shouldn’t be about moving. It is about something much deeper than that….

In December, I moved into a new office. My old office was down the hall from the rest of my team. Switching offices would mean that the whole 5-person team would be next door to each other. A few people asked me if I was upset about moving. “It’s just an office,” was my constant reply, and I sincerely meant that. In January, we moved into our new home. I love the space! While we are still living out of boxes, I am so excited about being able to provide new opportunities for my family.

The entire concept of moving has so many layers to it that it is a wonder that people ever move at all! Do you really want to pack up your entire life? Is the new space “perfect” for you? Have you calculated how much all of this will cost? You can even spend time preparing for the move with checklists and color-coded labels, but you still might not be ready for a move… or so you think.

The key to moving includes two things: growth and acceptance. While you are growing into the new level, you are learning to accept the end of the current level you are on. Or the new level is being nudged upon you, as God sometimes does, and you have to accept that it’s time to move. Regardless of how it happens, movement in a physical, mental, or emotional space can not happen without your growth and/or acceptance.

If you are struggling with how to get through the growth or acceptance of your pending “move”, here are three ideas that helped me, even in my uncertainty.

First, purge the old stuff.

I’ve collected so much over the years. Things I didn’t even realize were still there, hidden in drawers or boxes, and oftentimes never used. You might feel sentimental about some of your items, and that’s expected, but there is freedom that comes with the purge. Warning – the purge isn’t always about material things… it could apply to relationships as well. Trust me on this.

Next, protect your treasures.

Anything fragile requires extra attention, and this includes your emotional state. A change in environment can bring up some emotions for which you weren’t prepared. Be gentle with yourself, and take the time you need to process this.

And always, pack your patience.

Moving takes time. It all takes time. There will be days when you are frustrated and most certainly tired, but your patience will truly come in handy. And not just during the move, but AFTER the move.

Regardless of how you view it, there will be lessons to learn from moving. And as you celebrate the “new” opportunity you’ve been given, take time to celebrate being courageous enough to leave the “old” behind. From my perspective, the significance of my move is just as much about what I am leaving behind as it is what I am going to gain.

Feel free to share your thoughts!